Tulsi Herbal Tea


  • Holy Basil-t'n;L_
  • Thai Basil-yfO{ t'n;L_
  • Mentha Pipperita-;TohLjg_
  • Rosemary-/f]hd]/L_
  • Lemon Grass-n]dguf|;_
  • Cinnomonun Tamala-t]hkq_
  • Ginger-cb'jf_
  • Clove-Njf_


  • It helps to increase memory power and act as blood purifer.
  • Daily Consumption of its helps to prevent cough, common-cold and different fever.
  • It helps to reduce level of cholesterol.
  • Tulsi Leave is regarded as anti-stress agent.
  • The antioxidents in tulsi tea helps repair dammage cells in the body.
  • It helps to relieve from inner muscle and bone pain.
  • Temporarily treat a toothache and improve digestion.

Method of preparation:

One full tea spoon of tea in 3 cup of hot water for 3 min. All the age group, healthy & unhealthy can drink.

Net. Weights: 100gm